Application for Personal Unsecured Loan

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To apply for unsecured loan, the following documents are required. It is mandatory to have the requirements ready so that you can easily upload them to the required pages of the applications. You will not be able to save the application half way.


  • Recent passport sized photo
  • Confirmation of employment letter
  • 2 recent pay slips
  • Copy of TIN Letter & Joint Card
  • Copy of Voter ID Card
  • Vaccination Card
  • Recent 3 months Bank Statements
  • Utility Bill (e.g. Water Bill, EFL Bill)
  • Copy of FNPF Card/ Drivers License

Loan Request

Please enter an amount above $1000

Personal Information

Employment Information

Please upload 2 recent pay slips

Background Information


Financial Information


Total Assets


Total Liabilities

Please note: A Negative value indicates a deficit, while a positive value indicates a surplus.
This form requires a positive value to proceed.

Financial Information

Monthly Income

Net Salary



Referee 1 - Work Colleague

Referee 2 - Work Colleague

Referee 3 - Relative

Declare & Submit

1.     I declare that the information that I have provided in connection with this application is true and accurate.

2.    I declare and confirm that no receiving order/order for adjudication has been made against me out of any court of competent jurisdiction either in Fiji or                elsewhere.

3.    I declare that no legal proceedings are pending against me in respect of any debt which I allegedly owe except those which have been disclosed to you in writing.

4.    I agree that the representatives of Dominion Finance may make any checks that they feel necessary regarding the information in this application in order to help make a decision on the application.

5.   I authorize Dominion Finance to discuss and exchange any appropriate information (including copies of documentation verifying my identity, address and bank details) with third parties in relation to the application.

6.    I agree that the representatives of Dominion Finance may carry out searches against me.

7.    I understand the Dominion Finance will use the information provided in this form to assess my application for credit and verify my identity to prevent and detect crime and money laundering.

8.    I agree and acknowledge that if I have provided false or inaccurate information and/ or Dominion Finance suspects or identifies fraud, they will record this and may also pass this information to the relevant authorities involved in crime and fraud prevention.